Everyone likes Pizza!

February 18, 2017


Is there seriously anybody out there who doesn't enjoy pizza?!

The world famous Italian snack has become the source of inspiration for a new skate company that aims to capitalize on the popularity of the food and the culture it clings to; Pizza Skateboards!

Since coming onto the scene in 2015 with their short video "Left Overs" posted on Thrasher, Pizza Skateboards has been bringing the heat! These California based skateboarders are having a laugh exploiting trends in fashion and culture alike parodying Polo Sport, Nascar, Metallica among others in a nostalgic mirroring of contemporary trends; mocking them with mimicry. 


Whether the company is an elaborate rouse or not remains to be seen, but in any case it sure is delicious and we are stoked to have their gear in stock!


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