Theragun Solo



This ultra-portable smart vibration therapy device delivers pinpointed pressure and vibration to focused areas for reduced tension and improved movement. Three powerful vibration frequencies and innovative wave texture allow its ergonomic shape to work deep into hard-to-reach areas, while our innovative QuietRoll Technology™ effectively mutes sound and reverberations

  • PINPOINTED TREATMENT - low surface area designed to dig deep into tension and soreness in areas like feet, hip flexors. Powerful vibration dampens discomfort usually associated with rolling out these areas.
  • 3 CUSTOMIZED VIBRATION SETTINGS - 3 powerful vibration frequencies can be adjusted to your comfort level to help release soreness, reduce tension, and increase range of motion.
  • SMART CONNECTIVITY - Connects to Therabody app via Bluetooth for total control of your rolling experience. Adjust vibration intensity and discover guided rolling recovery routines customized for your needs.
  • QUIETROLL TECHNOLOGY - Effectively mutes any reverberation from the device to the surrounding environment, redirecting powerful vibration to the body
  • ULTRA-PORTABLE WITH 120-MINUTE BATTERY LIFE - small, lightweight, and fits easily in any bag to be used on the go
  • The feet are the unsung heroes of the body, carrying a large majority of our tension throughout the day. Place your foot on the Wave Solo, pressing your bodyweight against the device—the extra pressure allows its powerful vibration frequencies to work deep and release your tension.
  • Recover and work at the same time. Place Wave Solo under your hamstring while sitting to release any soreness or tension.
  • Lean your chest or upper body into the Wave Solo to unlock soreness and tension you might not have known was there.

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