Encore Linerless | Black/Brown



The Vans Encore Linerless Snowboard Boots are lighter, slimmer, and offer a clean and comfortable approach to the rigors of snowboarding. Improved UltraCush cushioning is built-in, and it just doesn't get any easier or quicker than the single Boa closure. Perfect for new or lighter riders with a flex of 3-4, the Encore Linerless makes snowboarding that much easier.

Flex Rating  4 - 5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Pleasurecuff  The supple elasticity of the PleasureCuff delivers a cushioned, comfortable fit that keeps your calves supported.


Linerless Technology  Linerless technology redefines simplicity and modern comfort. Its lightweight construction and slimmed-down upper reduces the boot’s overall size and weight. An increased internal foam package provides a softer, more cushioned feel. Without internal harnessing, riders will experience unmatched ease in and out of the boot. A calculated combination of support and free-flex articulation makes Linerless tech ideal for street and park riders, or riders looking for comfort and ease of use.

V1 Boot Harness  Vans's lightest and most simple harness is designed to ensure effective support and heel hold when paired with the V1 liner.

Lacing System

Vans Boa Coiler  This tongue-mounted single reel system utilizes a spring-loaded spool to automatically retract cable slack for quick and efficient closure. Cable guides are designed to optimize closure force in specific areas of the boot.


V1 POPCUSH Footbed  Single-density POPCUSH construction / 3D-molded anatomical shape / Airflow perforations / Nylex moisture-wicking top sheet.


Reverse Waffle Outsole  The Reverse Waffle outsole flips a classic Vans design inside out to create a unique loo and feel. Now with All-Trac cold weather rubber compound for extra traction.

Additional Features

Heat Retention 360º  All Vans snowboard boots feature a newly improved thermal retention layer that provides a 360° wrap of the toe box and between the outsole and the liner. This essential layer keeps heat in and cold out, ensuring all-day warmth and comfort.

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